Be Happy, Not Hungry!

Don’t be left feeling hungry when on a calorie-restricted diet. Get the feeling of fullness and support your weight loss journey with GoFigure®. Our products provide a proven science-backed, mouth-watering range of products brimming with healthy, natural ingredients that are perfect to enjoy at home or on-the-go.

The GoFigure product range can be used as an effective means of supporting your weight management program hunger-free increasing your chance of success.

Our nutrition experts have worked day and night to create the perfect products! Not only are they nutritionally fantastic, but you won’t find any artificial colours or flavours in them – just ingredients backed by science to make weight loss sustainable all year-round.

Our products contain ingredients that are supported by three European Food Safety Association health claims, as well as independent studies for weight loss and maintenance of blood glucose levels which helps reduce sugar cravings and helps maintain energy levels. 

Our GoFigure® range of products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans!

What makes us special?

We’re proud to be different from all the other weight management products on the market. Driven by science-backed evidence, every single product in the GoFigure® range includes the patented and award-winning SlimBiome®.

So, you can say goodbye to those nagging hunger cravings when taking on a calorie-restricted diet!


Kiwi Strawberry Shots
Mixed Berry Meal Replacement Shake
Cranberry Coconut Flapjack

Curb those cravings!

In the GoFigure® range, you’ll find products scientifically proven designed to work in harmony to help you reach your dieting goals.

Don't Just Take it From us!

of trial participants reported feeling less hungry
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Good For Your Gut!

The science in SlimBiome® works in harmony with good, honest ingredients to promote the healthy bacteria in your microbiome to keep your gut system happy.

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