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3 foods you eat that are piling on the pounds

Are you falling into the semi-healthy foods trap? Have you read in a magazine that it is good to eat brown rice and that fruit juice is super-healthy?

All correct but be careful of the following 3 weight-gain traps.

  1. Snacking on rice cakes. They are loaded with simple carbs which break down quickly to sugar. Excess sugar is stored as fat. Opt instead for crudites like cucumber, apple slices and celery.

  2. Drinking plenty of healhy fruit juice might make you think you're being healthy but once again they are packed with sugar. Remember that it is easy to drink 3 oranges but hard to eat three oranges. Stick to the whole fruit.

  3. Granola and muesli. They look healthy but pack a sugary punch. Stick to porridge with berries and cinnamon.

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