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7 things that a nutritionist would NEVER have in their fridge

  1.  Margarine. It is high in damaging trans fatty acids, formed through the process of hydrogenation, which turns liquid vegetable oils into solid spreadable pastes. Trans fats clog the arteries and have a disastrous impact on heart and arterial health.
  2. White chocolate. All the sugars and fats and none of the benefits of the superfood cacao.
  3. Fizzy drinks. They are quite literally liquid sweets and have absolutely no nutritional value at all. Why bother? Get your highs somewhere else!
  4. Fat-free dairy. Lousy taste and simply not as nutritious as regular dairy products. When the fat is removed from dairy, the important fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E are also removed, making it much less nutritious. To make the product palatable, a lot of sugar or artificial sweetener is added in place of these beneficial fats. Also - eating low-fat dairy to lose weight is actually counter-intuitive because fat is so satiating (makes you feel full for longer). When you consume a product with the fat removed it doesn’t keep you feeling full - which means you will soon be craving more food.
  5. Processed and/or Canned Meat or Cheese. Some are made with thickeners, preservatives, sugar and a high level of preservatives. Animal products that have to sit on a store shelf require a lot of processing to protect against microbial growth and contamination. Processed meats are also often made from the parts of the animal we would never consider eating.
  6. Barbecue and tomato sauces. These are laden with sugar, salt, preservatives and may even be coloured. Drenching meat or any dish in these processed sauces is a quick way to ruin a nutritious meal.
  7. Caged eggs. The farming methods that produce caged eggs are cruel and barbaric. Egg-laying hens are confined to tiny cages, are in poor health and are fed a refined and unnatural diet.
    Hens that are free to roam have a diet of grass, insects and plants. The varied nutrients in their diet is then transferred to the eggs that they lay, resulting in a far superior, more nutritious product. Happy hens lay better eggs, it is that simple.

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