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The easiest way to cut food cravings!

There is a new and proven weight loss method that stops junk food cravings and burns lots of calories! 

Everyone knows that when a craving for an Indian takeaway or chocolate strikes, it can be almost impossible to resist. Help is at hand as according to a new scientific study. The solution to this weight-gaining problem may be as simple as lacing up your running shoes.

Recent research published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise reveals that short bursts of challenging exercise, better known as HIIT (high-intensity interval training), could calm the hunger that often ensues after a hard day at the office.

For the study, researchers gathered 38 healthy male and female college students, treated them to a pizza lunch, and tracked how many calories each person ate. On a different day, the participants all completed a 20-minute reading and math comprehension assignment. Afterwards, one group rested for 15 minutes while the other group did a treadmill-based HIIT workout. The groups then gathered to enjoy some pizza while the researchers tracked their consumption. Interestingly enough, the group that participated in the workout consumed 100 calories less than the group that rested.

Exercise seems to calm down food cravings. At GoFigure we suggest a 2-2-GO! approach. Our GO stands for daily, enjoyable, manageable exercise.


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