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Recent customer feedback

After doing a one week course of GoFigure and losing 8 pounds I just ordered another 3 week supply last night!*

We started drinking GoFigure shakes as part of a weight loss programme (the first one that actually worked) and have been drinking a shake every morning ever since. Why? Because it makes my morning mood swings go away (plus it tastes so good and is healthy and keeps my weight in check). 

First came across this product in, of all things, New Scientist magazine 4th March 2017. Seems that many study's have already been carried out on these microbiome products as they are called, and many positive results have been noted.*

*results may vary from person to person


Your 2-2-go plan

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    The simple, no nonsense key to your success. An effective weight loss plan developed by our naturopath Max Tomlinson ND Take a look

Your eating plan

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    Enjoy a healthy shake for breakfast and lunch and top up with a couple of tasty flapjack bars. Complete your day with our healthy dinner recommendations. Take a look

Your exercise plan

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    Do some enjoyable movement each day to get your blood flowing and your energy up. Exercise switches on your motivation and burns fat. Take a look