About GoFigure

So, how exactly can GoFigure® help?

It Figures…

Weight management never tasted so good! GoFigure® uses a combination of natural ingredients and science to make weight loss simple, achievable and sustainable.

Weight Loss

Backed by real science, consuming GoFigure® products means you no longer need to rely on your willpower alone to remain on a calorie restricted diet, making weight loss sustainable

Maintain blood glucose levels / reduce cravings

GoFigure® products provide a slow release of energy, helping to reduce glucose spikes, maintaining healthy levels of blood glucose and so reducing food cravings

Promote The Feeling Of Fullness

Dietary fibres will help you focus on getting on with your day, not your next meal!

Promote Good Gut Health

The inclusions of prebiotics and dietary fibres helps with improved gut microbiome diversity

GoFigure® Lifestyle

GoFigure® has been designed to be used on the go or at home. Wherever you are, you can take GoFigure® with you, be it on holiday, in the office or simply at home. Whether you’re using GoFigure® to help maintain an achieved goal, or as part of a sustainable diet plan for weight loss, you can trust in the science to help you, help yourself. 

Now, you might be thinking, well if I am on a restricted diet, I will lose weight anyway, right? Well, we know that’s easier said than done. Which is why GoFigure® helps you feel fuller for longer. Fewer calories doesn’t have to mean greater food cravings, in fact, it’s the opposite! With GoFigure®, fewer calories lead to fewer food cravings, making it a win-win.

Reducing calorie intake by 500kcal per day, can see a net weight loss of 1-2lbs per week. Not only is this a healthy approach to weight loss, but it’s also a sustainable achievement. Rapid weight loss is never long term and many of us will return to our old habits, leading to weight gain. And so the cycle continues…

Here’s some food for thought – If this is the weight loss solution you’ve been looking for, you can achieve this by replacing breakfast or lunch with one of our meal-replacement shakes and then top up with a delicious and nutritious GoFigure snack  between meals.

This means a GoFigure snack between breakfast and lunch, and then another between lunch and dinner. Oh, did we mention dinner is up to you? Just keep it healthy! This is what we call our sustainable  diet plan – and don’t forget some exercise!

Our products are not just about weight loss, but they can also help with maintaining your weight loss journey. Our products, after all, are about supporting healthy weight management. For this approach, simply take one shake per day at a mealtime that's best for you, plus grab a supplement shot if you feel the need. This will help you steer clear from tempting unhealthy snack choices.

GoFigure® Product Range

Each of our products contain the award-winning ingredient, SlimBiome®, which has a scientific health claim for weight loss in relation to an energy-restricted diet.

Meal Replacement Shakes

Our healthy (and delicious!) meal replacement shakes contain protein, vitamins and minerals, natural flavours and are sweetened naturally.


Our tempting flapjack snack bars come filled with gluten-free oats, dates and sultanas, as well as fruit and/or nuts.

Supplement Shots

Our one-of-a-kind breakthrough supplement shots contain protein, vitamins and minerals, natural flavours and are sweetened naturally through a range of delicious flavours.

Please note that not all products will be available in your country / region.

Our GoFigure® range of products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans!

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