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What did the study investigate?

Carried out independently by the University of Roehampton, the study investigated the impact SlimBiome® – the weight management ingredient found within the GoFigure® product range – could have on weight loss, fullness, hunger and cravings, mood and gut microbiome composition in apparently healthy, overweight to obese adults over a 4-week period.

How was it carried out?

• 12 females, aged 18-65 years, with a BMI of 25-35kg/m2 participated
• Participants consumed 9g SlimBiome® daily within a GoFigure® calorie control plan
• Mood and craving parameters were recorded weekly • Stool samples were obtained at the beginning and end of the 4-week study for metagenomic analysis of the gut microbiome

What did we find out?

1. Significantly improved user mood

2. Reduced Waist and Hip Circumference & Reduced Overall Weight

3. Helps Restore A Healthy Gut mICRObIOME

After 4 weeks, it led to the increase in groups associated with lean body composition, such as, Christensenella and Bacteroides. Low abundance of these groups is associated with High BMI.

In conclusion

If you combine SlimBiome® with the GoFigure® calorie control program, it works as an effective means of supporting hunger-free weight management.


Costabile A, Keleszade E, Willner T, Kolida S, Patterson M, Trangmar S

Conflict of interest

The authors declare no conflict of interest. This human intervention study was carried out independently by the University of Roehampton. GoFigure® (OptiBiotix Health PLC) provided the materials for this study.

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